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We have introduced some marbelling effect.

Color Used: Gold & Green Shimmer on Red


We have used floral pattern.

Color Used: Shimmer blue & Magenta


Here we have lines & Polka dots on double colored base.

Color Used: Brown, Pink & Blue


Another floral pattern used here.

Color Used: Red & White.


Hearts Flower Pattern.

Color Used: White, Blue & Red.


We have introduced some direct 2-tone marbelling effect.

Color Used: Magenta, Black & Silver.


2-tone contrasting base with polka dots detailing.

Color Used: Magenta, Sea-Green & Blue.


Half Painted nail with floral design.

Color Used: Red & Black.


Linear design directly on nail.

Color Used: Black & Blue.


Relief Butterfly tatoo on nails.

Material Used: Butterfly tatoo in red with Black detailing on gold.


Studs on metallic base.

Material Used: Multi-color Studs on metallic brown base.


Floral design with innovative borders.

Color Used: Red, blue, magenta & black.


Checks on nails.

Color Used: Blue & Lilac.


2-tone metallic nails with polka dots.

Color Used: Metallic lilac & Silver.


Floral design with dots.

Color Used: Brown, blue, magenta & black.

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